HI Transport Adds 5 New Scania S500 to its Fleet

At HI Transport, we are proud to announce that by the end of 2018 we have added 5 new Scania trucks S500 to our fleet. The trucks are a piece of art and are equipped with the latest safety technology.

500 horsepower under the cab, power, dynamics, and safety, car-like comfort, high technology and driving pleasure. These are some of the first impressions after the first few months. It’s a real pleasure to have such a modern truck in our fleet.

For them, it is not a problem to overcome the slopes. This is also ensured by the assistant, part of the Scania Communicator 300 functionality.

Shifting gears up and down is timely, fast and imperceptible. The engine is just great and is not a problem to overcome climbs with an operating speed of less than 1200 rpm, and the lower gear will pass at 800 rpm. The EcoRoll function of the gearbox works intelligently and is in conjunction with the Scania Active Prediction system. The gearbox passes into a neutral position only if it is completely safe. Of course, in terms of efficiency, security and driver assistance, the new generation of trucks from the Swedish manufacturer offers much more.

The other thing that impresses with the S500 is the exterior design. The design is innovative and modern, while at the same time quite aerodynamic.

Scania S500 cab

Last but not least, the equipment and comfort of the new cabin have to be noted. Our Scania S500 trucks have a relatively high level of cabin equipment. Seats fitted with pneumatic suspension, ventilation, heating, and many adjustments, multimedia navigation, climate control. The cabin has a flat floor, offers plenty of space, and its height allows even a person over 2.20 meters to stand straight without folding.

Visibility from the driver’s seat is excellent. Thanks to the lower control panel, thinner A-pillars, bigger windscreen and new rear-view mirrors.

We hope to add more new trucks in 2019 to make sure that the services we deliver are of an extraordinarily high standard. Our goal is to meet all the health and safety standards. We are concerned about our planet, so we think that by adding new and environmentally friendly trucks we will reduce our carbon footprint.

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